friday: the plan

Submitted by TheBaba on March 17, 2006 - 12:10pm.


Elf Power @ Sound on Sound Records 2:30pm
Mean-Eyed Cat (Forward Russia, Longcut, Dirty Pretty Things)
Red Eyed Fly (Brian Jonestown Massacre 4:30pm, She Wants Revenge 5:30pm)


  • 8pm
    The Flairz (australia) @ Caribbean Lights
    The Klezmatics (NY) @ Cedar Street Courtyard
    Mum DJ Set (icelnad) @ 7:45pm Fox and Hound
    The Brunettes (new zealand) @ Red Eyed Fly
    Polysics (japan) @ Zero Degrees
  • 9pm
    Billy Bragg @ 9:30pm Cedar Street Courtyard
    Princess Superstar (NY) @ Elysium
    Storsveit Nix Noltes (iceland) @ Fox and Hound
    Oppenheimer (UK) @ Friends
  • 10pm
    The Revs (ireland) @ Caribbean Lights
    Afriampo (japan) @ Flamingo Cantina
    Gemma Hayes (ireland) @ Soho Loungs
  • 11pm
    OK GO (chicago) @ Dirty Dog Bar
    Animal Alpha (norway) @ Drink
    Zolar X (pluto) @ 11:30pm The Jackalope
  • 12am
    Brian Jonestown Massacre (LA) @ Bourbon Rocks
    zZz (netherlands) @ Dirty Dog Bar
    Veto (denmark) @ Drink
    eX-Girl (japan) @ 12:45am THe Jackalope
    Arctic Monkeys (UK) @ La Zona Rosa
    Ted Leo & the Pharmacists (NJ) @ 12:30am Red 7
  • 1am
    Quit Your Dayjob (sweden) @ Drink
    Rogue Wave (CA) @ Red Eyed Fly