Wednesday night rock and roll Ozzie-style

Submitted by jason on March 16, 2006 - 11:52am.
An utterly infectious Australian punk-pop act called The Grates (like a grate in the ground, she says). It was punk in that "fuck it i just want to play" kind of way, with a driving beat made by a short-haired lass who looked like she was probably an australian librarian when she wasn't busy being a rock star. The singer had an incredible voice -- they were NOISY, but somehow she could wrangle all that sound and impose her melody on top of it. I hate it when the drummer has to hold back so the singer won't get overwhelmed, but these guys were full-on balls-to-the-sticky-club-walls. And she did all of that while jumping around for the entire show like she was in one very rocking jane fonda workout video. Not sure if they're playing again here, but if you see their name somewhere i HIGHLY recommend it.